Severe (Chestnut-Fronted) Macaw: Bird Species Profile

Eye-catching and also charmingly easy-going, severe macaws are the biggest of the small macaws. These birds stuff a bunch of individual into a smaller sized, easier-to-care-for deal. They are actually likewise one of the most effective talkers as well as enjoy socializing with their human flock.

Species Overview COMMON NAMES: Severe macaw, chestnut-fronted macaw, Brazilian eco-friendly macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara severa severa

ADULT SIZE: 15 to 20 inches, analyzing simply under 1 pound

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: Can be assumed to reside for as much as 30 years, some also much longer

Source and also History

The severe macaw is belonging to southern Central America as well as northern South America. It is actually particularly well-known in Panama as well as Bolivia. There are also populaces in Brazil, where the bird is generally called the Brazilian green macaw. This varieties has actually been actually offered to Florida. It gets the label "extreme" for its assertive stage of development at adolescence.

In bush, the serious macaw delights in woods and also environments of all kinds just as long as trees are actually accessible. They typically like areas that are subject to waterway flooding. Given that they appreciate roosting in cavities high up in the trees, it can be testing to view them.

Farm areas offer lots of meals for these birds. It's certainly not unheard of to find huge, really loud flocks seeking the industries early in the early morning. These birds may be a problem for farmers.

Extreme macaws often gather at clay-based bits along with a variety of various other birds. These clay mountains commonly brought on by disintegration along shores are popular places for numerous parrots. It's believed that the clay supplements their diet, defending against contaminants in their meals and giving essential minerals.


Not multiplied in bondage as long as various other parrots, extreme macaws have actually not been actually completely trained. They remain to exhibit most of their impulses like screeching and lunging. Having said that, when interacted socially as a youthful bird, they may become optimal pets.

Comical and helpful, the severe macaw's epic character makes it a favorite among bird fanatics. With sufficient socialization, intense macaws connection quickly with their managers, reacting properly to instruction, learning tricks, and also flaunting impressive pep talk abilities.

Severe macaws are actually likewise curious. They love puzzles and activities as well as may come to be rapt by shiny points. Maintain your precious jewelry out of reach; it may receive unexpextedly destroyed.

One distinct feature that appears out of place using this helpful species is that they generally don't such as a considerable amount of touching. Frequently, they're even more material to become near their manager or on their shoulder, but most of the times, this parrot performs not just like nuzzling or even petting.

Like several parrots, intense macaws look at a bluffing stage as they arrive at maturation. This stage may last for pair of weeks or around pair of years. If you anticipate acquiring a younger macaw, you will certainly require to be individual and execute its instruction throughout possible time periods of lunging, nipping, nibbling, hissing, as well as standard resistance to interaction. Because of this, pre-adolescent macaws might certainly not agree with for families along with kids.

Speech and Vocalizations

Severe macaws are among the very best talking parrots. Most of these birds may consult with astonishing quality, and their shrill vocal is actually quite fun to listen to. They may also develop an extensive vocabulary.

Their vocalizations could be enjoyable and fantastic to feature for visitors, yet this bird can become excessive for some proprietors and their neighbors. It is actually a quite loud bird for its measurements as well as is understood to shout in the noontime, dusk, and early morning. It is best to ignore undesirable howls as opposed to chasten the bird. They're smart birds, as well as they are going to eventually find out correct coming from wrong.

Severe Macaw Colors and also Markings

Severe macaws are actually primarily a shimmery green with dark, chestnut-colored spots on their temples and under their beaks. The crown of their head has a patch of many-colored blue plumes, and also they shoulder distinct red mends almost their airfoils. The rear feathers are actually blue along with red bottoms, which shimmer when they're in air travel.

This types displays the traditional bare macaw face patch. This bird additionally has clear, dark feather pipes circling the eyes, which is actually one-of-a-kind among macaws.

The bird's beak as well as feet are grey, as well as the iris of their eyes is actually an attractive yellow-gold. It is actually a monomorphic bird, suggesting that the males and also girls equal. To establish the sexual, your bird would certainly demand hereditary screening or even a surgical sexing method.

Taking care of a Severe Macaw

While extreme macaws are actually understood to become really social, all parrots call for a particular quantity of training to ensure that the bird remains tamed. Ensure that you a minimum of two hours to spend with your dog per day.

Without socialization and also appropriate mental excitement, extreme macaws can increase bored as well as miserable, which may result in damaging behavior and stress-related disease.

Intense macaws could be fun animals, but they call for time and also specialized treatment that certainly not everybody may supply. They thrive on family time because it reproduces the sensation of a group, and, unlike a few other parrots, they do not have a tendency to become stringently one-person birds.

An additional factor just before you dedicate to this bird is actually the cost of ownership. Aside from the preliminary format for the bird, think of the bird animal medical practitioner expenses, premium feed, as well as the extra prices for a crate, participate in stand, as well as playthings.

Also for a smaller sized macaw, this bird requires a crate sized for a big macaw that goes to minimum 5-feet high and 3-feet wide and also 2-feet long. These birds require space to extend their airfoils entirely and also ample area to move about the crate without burden.

Common Health Problems

Intense macaws are actually a durable species of macaw. They carry out not get ill regularly. If they were actually to be actually left open to various other ill birds, they are actually at risk to proventricular expansion condition (macaw squandering health condition) and also psittacosis (chlamydiosis or even parrot fever).

The secret to a healthy bird is actually a well-balanced diet, a routine workout regimen, healthful housing conditions, undisturbed sleep at night, and day-to-day socialization along with its individual flock.

If the bird feels disregarded or even neglected, it may turn to unnecessary behaviors like feather plucking or even loud screeching.

Diet regimen and Nutrition

In the wild, their diet is composed of seeds, nuts, fruit products, green leafy issue, and blooms. Supply your serious macaw an assorted diet regimen being composed of high-grade seed and pellet mix and also regular offerings of new bird-safe fruits and veggies.

Each macaw, depending on its own size, will eat regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of parrot mix as well as regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruits and veggie every day. You may nourish it the moment in the morning upon waking as well as at sundown before it goes to sleep.

Fruit products that are actually good to supply to macaws include apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, fruits, berries, mangos, and also papayas. Never feed rhubarb, avocado, or even delicious chocolate; these foods are actually poisonous to birds.

Physical exercise

Extreme macaws may be smaller macaws, however they are all muscle. In bush, an intense macaw could fly a number of hundred miles a day searching for food items. It is vital to deliver ample physical exercise for your animal to sustain a healthy and balanced body.

Pet extreme macaws should be actually offered a lowest of 2 to 4 hrs play away from their crate each day. This out-of-cage time will certainly allow the bird to stretch its muscles as well as exercise its airfoils and also beak.

You should likewise supply your bird with a lot of playthings. They are smart birds as well as will carefully appreciate any kind of games or problems you may give them. To keep your bird promoted, rotate its playthings frequently, so it consistently seems like it possesses a brand new toy.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Severe Macaw

Purchase a severe macaw coming from a professional dog breeder or even fostering agency. Contact breeders to view if you can easily devote some time along with them and their birds. Speak to somebody who has knowledge rearing these birds prior to you decide if they are right for you. Additionally, realize that these birds can easily set you back concerning $1,500 to $2,500.

Some on the internet sources where you can locate severe macaw consist of:

  • Birds Now

  • Saving the Birds

  • Birds of Paradise

See to it that the bird you wish to take away is alert, energetic, and displays all the signs of a well-balanced bird, such as brilliant eyes, tidy plumes, as well as full crops.

Charmingly easy-going as well as captivating, serious macaws are actually the biggest of the tiny macaws. Severe macaws commonly gather at clay-based bits along with a variety of other birds. Extreme macaws are a robust species of macaw. If they were to be actually revealed to various other sick birds, they are actually susceptible to proventricular expansion ailment (macaw losing ailment) and psittacosis (chlamydiosis or even parrot high temperature).

Intense macaws could be much smaller macaws, yet they are actually all muscle mass.